Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Blog commenting

WALT: comment on everyone in our class room's blog.
I have learnt how to give good feed back.

Skills for adolescence part 1

WALT: define confidence.
The words in the inside is how I gain confidence and the words on the outside is what a confident person should have or has. I have learnt that i am not as confident as thought I was.

Colours in maori

WALT: translate the english colours into maori. I have learnt that Kowhai is yellow and Karakaraka is orange. Thank you for reading

Whanau confrence

WALT: create a presentation about where we are at in our learning journey. We had to create a presentation for our parents to come in to talk to our teachers. This was my presentation. Thank you for reading and whatching.

New word

WALT: research the meanings of words my word was orchestra.
I have learnt that there is normally always a orchestra at weddings or parades but they are supposed to be on a stage and only on a stage. Thank you for reading.

Complex sentences

WALT: write sentences in lots of new ways. We had to learn how to write complex sentences.

Tolerance task

WALT: write about all of our school values in our Valiant Values task.  I have learnt that you judge a personby their personality not what they have or what they look like.